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  Art Reproduction

You can only sell your original art once, but you can sell a copy many, many times.

There are many reasons to get your original artworks reproduced into a digital form. Firstly, a digital file can be used in web pages to advertise your art. Secondly, it can be used to make reproductions, enter competitions, used for graphic applications and much more. 

The difference between a digital reproduction file from "16 bit Colour" and one you make yourself is:
  • the pixel count, which determines the maximum reproduction size. We sample our images at 50 megapixels, while a non-professional camera is 12 to16 megapixels
  • sharpness - we use special prime lenses which are twice as sharp as a zoom lens
  • colour fidelity - we use 3 studio flash guns, which are spectrally matched to the camera sensor
  • shape - lenses distort the shape (commonly called pin-cushion or barrel distortion) while our prime lens is designed to reproduce flat-field subjects
  • colour accuracy - different paints flouresce causing *metamerism, so a copy in artifical light looks different to a copy in the shade or sun.
Find out how easy and affordable a high quality reproduction is... Art Reproduction

 *metamerism - Then there are always cases - such as metamerism, where an object appears a different colour under different light sources - where technological measurement alone will never suffice. Colour management by British Plastics & Rubber

 Selling your Art on-line

Traditionally, selling original artworks is done by holding exhibitions and through reputable galleries. The introduction of high quality reproductions now gives you the opportunity to sell over the internet through on-line shops. 

At "16 bit Colour" we manage a web shop called Mimeo which is filling up with hundreds of images from local artists and photographers. As a web based on-line shop customers can purchase printed copies of any image (art and photo) which are printed locally and shipped worldwide.

Mimeo.com.au is new and exciting and showcases the talent on the Coffs Coast. It's also an easy and affordable way to get your art on-line. Business cards are available which point prospective buyers to the website. As each contributor sends potential clients to Mimeo, they are also send potential clients to your artworks, forming a community based structure.

You can be part of "Mimeo" for a small one-off fee per listing. 

Mimeo is on-line


Our new on-line art and photo print shop is now on-line. Called MIMEO (loosely meaning reproduction) the site already has a great line up of artists works, plus some photos from local photographers, with more to come.
Visit our new site for a quick look, and maybe purchase a unique gift for yourself or someone special.

Mimeo website


Oceanwide Images is a fantastic resource for stunning nature, wildlife and underwater photography. One stop shopping for high-impact photos delivered by professional and friendly staff. 

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